Flying in the Sky’s of South Yorkshire.

The second of my 2 vulcans, 1st was 82″ wingspan and this the latest one, 100″. Videos of both can be viewed Video1:- and Video2:-

They’re both powered by pusher electric motors which can be seen in the videos. The 100″ model weighs approx 9lbs and has working retractable undercarriage and working bomb bay doors – good fun!

Build Log:- Here

Many Thanks to:
Roy Hunter

Depron SU27 By Tim Newman
Depron twins

Rob Green

Depron  Electric-Vulcan — 42″ span pusher.

Plans from RC MODEL WORLD January 2017 designed by Graham Dorschell.

This model built by Rob Green, member of HMFC Hungerford, Berkshire UK.

Not yet flown.

Thanks .

Rob Green (retired Dental Technician)

Depron SU27 By Tim Newman
Depron twins

Tim Newman

A couple of pictures from Tim Newman

A Depron Scale model of a SU27 capable of 90mph

More from the Speed master Tim

Hard work from Andrew

Andrew Fuller from Sussex, spending months to produce this Triplane.

George Gray

A Flight Master Foamy from George Gray from NSW Australia

A selection from Mike White (Isle of Man)

Dagger. Canard. Span 30 inches. Length 40 inches.
Weight 28 ozs.
20 amp motor and a 3S 2200mah li-po.
200 watts.
6mm Depron

Mike at it again

Long Eazy. 36 inch span.
Motor draws 15 amps from a 3s 1500mah li-po.
Weight 1 pound.
6mm Depron

Yet another from Mike

Devastator. White USAF. 36 inch span. 40inch long. Weight 2.5lbs. 2 motors 20 amps each.
3S 3200mah li-po. 380 watts.
6mm Depron