Depron 6mm

button2 Depron 6mm for Modeling?

Depron 6mm originally used as containers for fast-food and flooring insulation, Depron Grey & White Depron 6mmhas been established as the perfect material for producing models, especially model aircraft.

button2 What makes Depron so good?

Unlike materials such as balsa, Depron 6mm & 3mm modelling foam does not have a grain and therefore does not split. Each sheet is manufactured identically so weight and density are consistent from sheet-to-sheet, for when balance and performance are crucial. Depron is lightweight, as light as 28kg/m³, whilst maintaining incredible strength and because of the structure of the foam, Depron cuts very easily and cleanly, making it effortless to work. There are two main types of Depron which are recommended for modelling, Depron and Depron Aero

button2Depron 6mm

The classic depron 6mmmodelling material, in sheet form.vulcon with Depron 6mm

  • Genuine Depron Product
  • 2mm, 3mm & 6mm Thickness
  • Carries surface coating for rigidity
  • Available in White and Grey

For detailed information, please see our technical page
Size: 2mm 3mm 6mm 3mm 6mm
Colour: White White White Dark Grey Dark Grey
Sheet Width: 800mm 700mm 700mm 800mm 800mm
Sheet Length: 1250mm 1000mm 1000mm 1250mm 625mm
Extruded Polystyrene Foam Sheets
Density: 40kg/m³ 40kg/m³ 33kg/m³ 40kg/m³ 33kg/m³
Adhesive Type:
Solvent Free/Foam Friendly
Sheets per full box: 60 40 20 40 20

button2 Energy saving insulation

The special cell structure means that the sheet does not conduct heat. Laying Depron 6mm or 3mm with Underfloor Heating means that



heat will instead, be effectively reflected back towards the floor surface. As “waste heat” is taken care of, you utilise energy in an effective manner and thereby lower your energy consumption.

button2 Depron as Insulation

For use as a flooring underlay or floor and wall insulation, we recommend Grey Depron, which is the most cost effective Depron product for use in construction Available in 3mm and 6mm thickness, in sheet sizes of 625mmx800mm, Depron 6mm offers excellent standards of thermal and sound insulation as well as physical support for many flooring types.

button2 Technical Data

button2 Depron Accesories

We supply other products which you may find useful, that are compatible with both types of depron foam.

button2 UHU Por

UHU Por – Transparent is a specialist elastic, fast-setting contact adhesive ideal uhu-porfor bonding polystyrene foam such as Depron to Depron components or other materials including: Wood, Many Plastics, Metal, Glass Paper & Cardboard For more detailed information on this and our other products, please see the technical page.

  • Strong Bond
  • Colourless
  • Waterproof
  • Foam Friendly
  • Bonds Many Material
  • 40g/50ml Tube

button2 3M-77

3M 77 is a multi-purpose spray adhesive that is “foam friendly” and is ideal for laminating paper drawings to Depron sheets or laminating Depron sheets together.3m-77 The nozzel has three spread settings so that you can control the spray pattern. You can also control the amount of “tack” that the adhesive has on the bonded materials, e.g if left for several minutes prior to bonding, paper can be peeled easily from Depron at a later stage. The adhesive can also be use with cardboard, fabrics, cushion foam, plastics, metal and wood. For more detailed information on this and our other products, please see the technical page.

  • Strong Bond
  • Colourless
  • Waterproof
  • Foam Friendly
  • Bonds Many Materials
  • Controlable Spread Pattern
  • 500ml Can